Saturday, September 13, 2008

Danish Tea Room In Lake Geneva WI Area

The Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus is now open for weekend Smørrebrød.

Welcome to The Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus. (Click Here For Menu ). Over 75 years ago one of the best known destinations in the lake Geneva area was “The Little Danish Tea Room.” The Little Danish Tea Room was first opened by 1933 by Mr. & Mrs. Martin Nels Houlberg at 422 Wells St. It was sold in 1968 and a newer restaurant now occupies the location.

Relax and enjoy an Authentic Danish Open Face Sandwich, Danish Hot Dog or simply a great piece of cheesecake and a cup of coffee. SkagenHus wants to take you back to a simpler, more elegant era when time seemed to stand still and people had the good sense to sit and enjoy a meal and good conversation; in much the same way they are still enjoyed all over Scandinavia today.

We are the only location in the entire Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area where one can still enjoy authentic Danish and Scandinavian food that has not been “Americanized” or altered from the same way it’s served in Scandinavia to this day. Our recipes come from family favorites, both here and in Denmark, and are still enjoyed by all our family. We’re happy to share our food and other cultural traditions with all our clients in hopes we can all find a way to slow down and experience the most important area’s of life…family, friends, food and traditions.

There's no doubt that Denmark's open sandwiches called Smørrebrød are the most famous feature of the Danish kitchen. They're also a staple of the Norwegian diet, stemming from when Denmark ruled Norway in the 19th Century. The sandwiches have hundreds of variations, with chefs coming up with new versions all the time.

The simple, "flat", four sandwiches that office workers take for lunch are usuallymade on thin slices of white bread, which they often eat at their desks with a small container of milk. Deluxe, gourmet versions feature brightly colored compositions, so generous that three are enough for a meal. These are usually found at restaurants like the Grand Cafe in Oslo, Norway. Patrons accompany these with cold Danish or Norwegian beer.

While there's an endless variety of good breads used to make these open-faced sandwiches, the Danes usually make them with dark rye bread. Chefs prefer wholegrain breads for their firmness so that they can cut the slices as thin as possible. When they use white bread, they usually toast it.

Smørrebrød eaters start with fish and proceed to those made with meat and salad. Unlike the Norwegians, the Danes wind up a smørrebrød meal with a piece of buttered white bread on which they place a thick slice of a good cheese.

Swiss Maid Bakery Comes To Williams Bay, WI.

SkagenHus is happy to announce that a cooperative venture between SkagenHus and Swiss Maid Bakery, of Harvard and Woodstock Illinois, has been developed that will allow for the creation of the availability of Fresh Bakery Items daily in Williams Bay, WI.

This means all natural fresh breads, including Swedish Limpa Bread, fresh muffins, coffee cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, cardamom coffee cakes and more will now be easily accessible for local residents! No more 5 to 7 mile drives for fresh bakery early in the morning.

Swiss Maid Bakery is a fourth generation family owned retail bakery. Paul Stricker and his wife Laura, continue to operate the bakery that has grown from both sides of Paul's family. The grandparents both operated bakeries during the depression on North Ave. in Chicago after moving from Switzerland. After both families (Strickers and Planzers) moved to the Harvard, Illinois area, the parents united the family and bakery through marriage.

Over the years, Swiss Maid Bakery has specialized in great sweet dough products. They use an old family recipe that uses fresh eggs and butter. The sweet dough rises twice to create a most tender product.

At SkagenHus we'll still continue with our Fresh Danish Kringle and Danish Seven Sisters from Kirsten's Danish Bakery and this is really just an expansion requested by many of our clients. Living in a small town normally means significant drives for many daily items. Now you can stop before work or school and pick up those donuts, cookies or whatever, as office treats or for classroom parties.

Be sure to stop by and see our large daily selections and low prices. You can also order special selections including cakes with as little as one day's notice and have them here fresh and ready to enjoy when you need them.

SkagenHus now opens at
7 AM Tuesdays thru Saturday and
830 AM on Sundays. SkagenHus also has fresh European and Colombian coffee to go and the only authentic European Bakery items in the Southeastern WI area..

Swiss Cinnamon Bears from Swiss Maid Bakery, one of their signature creations!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Danish Open Face Sandwiches Demo Day

Saturday September 6th is Danish Open face Sandwich Demo Day at SkagenHus in Williams Bay, WI. All day long clients who stop by will be offered Shrimp and/or Grav Lox sandwiches to taste test. We'll be showing folks pictures of multiple types of traditional Danish sandwiches and requesting input on the types and kinds of sandwiches they think would rock their taste buds and top off their shopping experience here in the Geneva Lake area. Attendee's of the Lake Geneva Wine Festival are also encouraged to stop by. :)