Friday, October 31, 2008

People & Service That Make Vienna Beef A Cut Above; Jim Locaciato & Keith Smith

In the world of Hot Dogs and Chicago Style food items Vienna Beef continues as number 1 in almost every ones mind. Since 1894 Vienna Beef has been known as the maker of some of the finest products in the food industry. What they're also known for is their support of their retailers in whatever way necessary to help ensure the success of the business's. Many a small Mom and Pop Hot Dog stand has become legendary, especially in Chicago (see "Never Put Ketchup On a Hot Dog" by Bob Swartz, 2008) as a result of the help and support provided by Vienna Beef and their family of employee's.

Here at SkagenHus our experience has been no different. As a retailer we're often speaking with sales reps from multiple companies regarding products we know little about to begin with. The most helpful reps are those that share product info from their experiences and from others in their companies who know. In small business, product information is vital to success. We need to know what sells and which products are made well. Nothing turns off customers faster then poor products and nothing turns off retailers faster then products which don't sell.

Today we had the opportunity to consult with Jim Lacaciato, Vienna Beefs resident guru on all things food and food industry. The consult was set up by Keith Smith, Vienna Beef's Marketing Executive. Keith came to us, unsolicited, and asked if we'd like the help. When you understand how small we are in comparison to many of Vienna Beefs clients you begin to understand how amazing the offer was and how valuable the service is.

Jim, according to Keith, is one of Vienna's top minds on product as well as food service delivery systems. In our meeting with Jim we found Keith's perspective professionally understated as Jim was a veritable font of knowledge and invaluable in his help. Aside from his basic good guy demeanor and his experience, he was a true pleasure to speak with and be with. As a retailer we couldn't have asked for anything more.

We'll be putting Jim's ideas and suggestions to work immediately. And the feeling of support we received from Vienna Beef through Jim and Keith's efforts will always make Vienna Beef number 1 in our minds in terms of product knowledge and total customer support. Thank you both for all the help and encouragement!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SkagenHus Serves Ice Boaters

Sunday October 26th was the annual Ice Boat swap meet in Williams Bay held by Sailing Specialists Bob & Jane Pagel from Sailing Specialties in Williams Bay. The event is formally known as the Skeeter IBC Swap Meet and brings Ice Sailing enthusiasts in from all over the central states region. This was their 23rd annual event.

SkagenHus was on hand serving hot Swedish Coffee, Kirsten's D
anish Kringles and Swiss Cinnamon Bears from Swiss Maid Bakery in Harvard Illinois. As usual the Swedish Coffee and warm Danish Kringle was a big hit. The big surprise however was the Cinnamon Bears that sold out in short order!

Made by Swiss Maid Bakery, these half pound warm treats went down very well on the cold brisk morning! Patrons for the event were none too disappointed though as they also bought out the Kringle order we were able to procure the night before. All agreed the event was a success and many of the folks will be back for Kringles on their way to Ice Boat in Fontana Bay
on Geneva Lake this winter.

SkagenHus will now carry the Cinnamon Bears on an everyday basis so be sure to stop by for a hot cup of Swedish or German Coffee and a warm Cinnamon Bear on your next visit to Lake Geneva.

Congratulations to the Skeeter IBC and to Sailing Specialists for another successful event enjoyed by all! Keep at least two skates on the ice.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stop For Weekend Coffee and Pie In Lake Geneva

When was the last time you stopped somewhere for a cup of coffee and a fresh slice of pie? SkagenHus in Williams Bay offers fresh Swedish or German Coffee and a Fresh slice of Pie From Swiss Maid Bakery for just $3.25. On your next visit to the Lake Geneva area why not renew this old custom of slowing down the pace of life and treating yourself to a delectable treat?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorating

SkagenHus is proud to announce they have once again been invited to decorate the giant Christmas Tree's in the lobby of the Abbey Resort & Spa in Fontana Wisconsin. Sue Thune, Activity Director, said the response last year to the Scandinavian tree's was wonderful and the Hot Glogg and Swedish YulMust was a big hit with families as they watched the excitement and even joined in, helping to decorate the tree's.

The first Christmas Tree to be decorated will be a Danish Christmas Tree and we'll be creating that on the Saturday November 29th (Thanksgiving weekend) from 4 Pm to 6 PM in the main lobby next to the reception desk. Once again look for Authentic Hot Glogg and Swedish YulMust plus some European Bakery items from Kirsten's Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge and From Swiss Maid Bakery in Harvard.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Holiday Kringles Make Great Business Gifts

Looking for a great tasting and unique Holiday gift this year? Want to give one of the best Business Holiday Gifts you can find at an economic price with no fuss? Why not try sending a truly authentic taste of Denmark that your friends, family or business associates will love.

SkagenHus, in Williams Bay, WI will be happy to send two (2) freshly baked authentic Kringles from Kirsten's Danish Bakery, complete with gift card, to any location within the United States. Kirsten's Danish Bakery won the USA Kringle contest the last time it was held beating out all others for taste, quality and authenticity.

We ship via UPS or USPS Priority and for a total price of $36.95 (including shipping) you'll have giving a gift that will be remembered for years to come! Just click below on the google checkout link and we'll do the rest! BTW-The picture to left is Rune The Danish baker who makes each Kringle by hand.

Holiday Danish Kringles can be matched with bottles of Pre-mixed Glogg for a truely Scandinavian gift. Just Email us for complete details.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vienna Beef Retail Sales

SkagenHus, in Williams Bay WI, is happy to announce the availability of Vienna Beef Products for Retail Sale to the public. Now you can enjoy all the great products from Vienna Beef at home in a cost effective way for family meals, parties or any special occasion.

Most products such as Bistro Soups and Chili's come in convenient pre-cooked, vacuum packed and frozen 4 Lb pouches. Of course we also have Vienna Beef's famous Italian Beef and Hot Dogs. We believe you can't make many of the products at less of a cost then buying direct from us; we know for sure it doesn't get any easier!

Great options for those afternoon or nighttime football parties would be a package of Northwoods Chili (feeds 6 to 8 hungry appetites easily) for $16.95 and a package of Bistro Broccoli Cheese Soup (also feeds 6 to 8) for $15.95. Add your own toppings and you have a great selection of delicious tasting and easy serving food options.

For a fast and tasty family dinner, after a hard day at the office, try Bistro Tomato Bisque Soup over Tortollini. This is one of our family fav's. Bistro's Tomato Bisque W/Spinach and Orzo makes an unbelievable sauce for pasta and many of our clients liken the taste to a premium Vodka Sauce that otherwise takes hours to make. Leftovers make a great lunch option at the office the next day.

Click here for a link to our Vienna Beef retail offerings (Menu coming soon!) and be sure to stop by SkagenHus on your next visit to the Lake Geneva area for some fun Scandinavian Gift Shopping and a great taste of Chicago. Sorry, SkagenHus Vienna Beef retail sales are for Studio Pick-up only; SkagenHus does not ship Vienna Beef product due to cost factors in shipping food. Vienna Beef does ship their famous products and you can find their online store here

Friday, October 3, 2008

SkagenHus Now Does Catering In Lake Geneva and Southeast Wisconsin

Ever wanted to have an authentic and traditional smørrebrød as the theme for your party? Looking for something unique, fresh and delectable? Danish Open Face Sandwiches are an ideal and cost effective solution. SkagenHus is now featuring traditional Danish Open face Sandwiches for both the main meal and appetizers. We'd be happy to show you how we can prepare some of the most exciting and healthy Scandinavian treats for your next event.

SkagenHus can cater breakfast, lunch and dinner events with traditional favorites from Swedish Pancakes and Danish Abeleskivers to a large variety of Delightful Danish Open Face Sandwiches. And our meals work easily for your guests discerning palates including those preferring vegetarian selections, fish, cheese or the more traditional meat dishes.

To see your choices and get friendly and fun help in planning, call 262-245-1911 to set up a tasting session now. We can help make your event a one of a kind experience not soon to be matched anywhere. SkagenHus is also happy to create authentic Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Italian Beef and Soup events for your next sporting event party! We use only the finest Vienna Beef products to assure that 100% Chicago Taste!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

SkagenHus Add's Chicago Style Lunch 6 Days Per Week

SkagenHus is happy to announce our Scandinavian Hot Dogs did so well this summer that we've added to our list of offerings for a delicious Chicago Style lunch 6 Day's per week(Closed Mondays) in Williams Bay; within easy reach of Lake Geneva, Fontana, Walworth and Delavan WI. Click here for our Daily Take Out/Dine In Menu.

SkagenHus uses only the finest fresh ingredients from Vienna Beef. We now serve Italian Beef Sandwiches plus Chili and Soups complete with bread bowls, if desired. Stop in on your next visit for an authentic taste of Chicago at reasonable prices. We know you'll join us often for a great meal at sound prices. Orders can be called in ahead for pick up (245-1911) or eaten in our unique & cozy serving area.