Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hot Dog University Comes To Lake Geneva

Mark Reitman, The Hot Dog Professor, made a special house call today to SkagenHus in Williams Bay and brought with him invaluable hands on experience, technical knowledge and product know how. Professor Reitman operates the original Hot Dog University (est. 2006) which has recently been invited to set up shop at Vienna Beef headquarters in Chicago, home of the World Famous "Chicago Dog". Here's what you need to know about Professor Reitman and why this is absolutely the number one Hot Dog Cart Course on the market today. Warning: If you think Mark is operating Hot Dog University as a way to make more money than actually selling product, you'd be wrong. Mark Retired from the full time rat race a few years back and operates the school as a way to give back and to stay in touch.....he loves what he does and he does it very well indeed.

Marks background is in sales with a graduate degree in psychology. A self described entrepreneur, Mark has successfully worked with the public for decades including his own highly successful cart business at both fixed locations and special events like Summer Fest in Milwaukee. Here at SkagenHus we've operated our Scandinavian Hot Dog business for a year now so it's fairly easy for us to tell the wanna be's from the pro's; Mark is a pro, no doubt about it. The devil is in the details as the expression goes and Mark is detail oriented. His knowledge base includes valuable secrets on getting customers in and out while maintaining product consistency and value. We have no doubt that the savings alone in not buying unnecessary equipment and sticking to the basics is money you'll be ahead from the get go. Be sure to ask Mark about the sure fire way to make and sell Fresh Squeezed Lemonade that can turn a simple product into a fun to watch circus of events that add's value to every cup sold! If you ask, he'll also tell you where to buy local crystal clear ice at a 50% savings every time.

The internet is full of DVD and written courses on hot dog cart operations. The problem there is the lack of detail on real world issues of vending equipment and quality products. When Mark first got here (after coffee and warm kringle of course) we proudly showed off our new mobile Ice Cream cart. There was about a four minute verbal exchange on the pro's and con's of Ice Cream carts and it was clear to us that Mark had done his time in the trenches with less than functional Ice Cream carts. Mark's experienced tips on POS signage on just Ice Cream alone will most likely gross us an extra few thousand dollars this summer! You can try one of those DVD's on the market but let me ask you this...When was the last time you asked a DVD a question and you got an answer? Let alone a five minute answer chocked full of tips and tricks?

The pairing of Vienna Beef, and their quality products, with Hot Dog University is a natural. There are many operators that foolishly try to save 10 cents here and there by buying inferior products. The result is inconsistent product at best and a total failure to win over customers after their first purchase (a necessity in this industry is to attract and then retain a loyal customer base). If you can't retain and maintain a large percentage of customers, your cart operations will fail. Vienna Beef products have one of the largest and most loyal customer bases in the United States. They provide high quality products on a highly consistent basis. Mark not only add's the operational know how but continues and improves the Vienna Beef tradition of going out of their way to help operators start and profit in Hot Dog sales; it's a win - win situation that no other product manufacturer chooses to or can provide.

As you can see we enjoyed Marks visit today and are appreciative not only to Professor Reitman but to Vienna Beef for making this introduction possible. We don't expect too many people get as lucky as we did to get a house call like this....Thank you Mark and Thank you Vienna Beef!

lol....I just noticed I was still so wrapped up in all the tips that I forgot to mention that SkagenHus is set to open our own "Old Fashioned" Hot Dog cart operation on the Lake Geneva Lakefront here in Williams Bay this season. Look for us to start operations at the end of the month. We'll be serving the Original Chicago Dog from Vienna Beef along with traditional Danish Hot Dogs and Good Humor Ice Cream products from Cedar Crest Ice Cream headquartered in Good Old Wisconsin! Summer starts soon so be on the lookout.

To see more on Hot Dog University from ABC News click here

Sunday, May 10, 2009

SkagenHus Brings Maxwell Street Polish Sausage to Williams Bay

SkagenHus, in Williams Bay Wisconsin, has now added the original Maxwell Street Polish Sausage to their Chicago Lunch Menu. A Vienna Beef Polish Sausage, deep fried, with Grilled Onions, Mustard and Sport Peppers is tucked cozy inside a steamed Rosen's Bun. A bit more spicy than a classic hot dog for real a Chicago taste that bites back!

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