Sunday, June 21, 2009

Williams Bay "Dog Day In The Bay" 2009

The annual Dog Day In The Bay, sponsored by the Williams Bay Business Association (WBBA) took place on Saturday June 20th, 2009. Hundreds of local dog owners from around the Lake Geneva area took part in the annual event to raise money and awareness for the lakeland Animal Shelter of Walworth County Wisconsin. Proud pet owners dressed their best friends in a wide variety of wacky costumes and paraded along the shoreline of Lake Geneva.

SkagenHus on The Lakefront was on hand as the official Hot Dog vender for the event and passed out treats for as many of the four legged participants as possible. Winners will be listed shortly.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SkagenHus On The Lakefront in Williams Bay on Lake Geneva

Vienna Beef Chicago Dogs, Danish Hot Dogs and Good Humor Ice Cream have come to Lake Geneva. SkagenHus on The Lakefront is our newest edition to the SkagenHus line and to the Lake Geneva Lakefront. Stop by any day (weather permitting) between 10 ish and 8 ish for a great Hot Dog or a nice Cold Ice Cream treat from Good Humor! SkagenHus will be on the Lakefront all summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day, then weekends thereafter until Halloween.


#1. Classic Chicago Dog 4.25

The Chicago Seven-Mustard, Pickle Spear, Relish, Onions, Tomato Wedges, Sport Peppers & Celery Salt.

#2. Viking Chicago Dog 4.50

Seven Inches Long & Twice the Girth of Our Classic Dog.

#3. Classic Danish Dog 4.50

German & Yellow Mustard, Ketchup, Remoulade, Onions, Fried Onions & Marinated Cucumber; Just Like the Pølser Carts in Copenhagen!

#4. Viking Danish Dog 4.75

Seven Inches Long & Twice the Girth of Our Classic Dog.

#5. Pulled Pork & Slaw 5.75

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Shoulder Soaking in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce with Homemade Slaw on a Soft Turano Kaiser Roll.

#6. Lemon Chicken & Slaw 5.95

Juicy and Tender Lemon Chicken on a Rosemary Ciabatta Bun with Lettuce, Tomato and Choice of Special Mayonnaise. Slaw on the Side!

#7. Peanut Butter & Jelly 4.25

Fresh Bakery Bread, Skippy Peanut Butter & Welch’s Grape Jelly; We’ll Even Cut the Crust Off Upon Req!

#8. Family Dogs Picnic 4x4x4 15.95

4 Classic Chicago Dogs, 4 Chip Choices & 4 Drink Choices.

*Add 1 Extra Classic Dog for Each Value Meal Ordered 1.89*

Substitute 1 Lemonade for Each Value Meal Drink Ordered 1.75 or

1 Starbucks Frappuccino for Each Value Meal Drink Ordered 1.75

Substitute Red Swedish Fish, Peanuts, Fresh Whole Dill Pickle, Fresh Slaw or Chips Ahoy Cookies for Chips or Drink in Any Value Meal; No Up-Charges!


We Twitter Specials So Sign Up Now. Just ask our peeps about the details.


Classic Viking Size

Chicago Dog 2.50 2.75

Danish Hot Dog 2.75 3.00

Bikini Dog (no bun) 2.25 2.50

Pulled Pork & Slaw 4.45

Lemon Chicken Sandwich 4.65

Peanut Butter & Jelly 2.50

ICE COLD DRINKS 1.25 – 12 Oz Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, A&W Root Beer, Sprite, Orange, 20 + Oz Water.

CHIPS .75 – Lays Potato Chips, Fritos, Cheetos or Doritos.

Premium Ice Cold Drinks

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 3.00

Starbucks Frappuccino 3.00

(Coffee, Vanilla or Caramel)


Popsicle Mega Bomb Pop .99

Ice Cream Sandwich .99

Orange Sherbet Pushup 1.49

Sponge Bob Square Pants 1.49

Good Humor Ice Cream Cookie 1.69

Malt Cup w/Wooden Spoon 1.79

Popsicle Cherry Slush Cup 1.89

Good Humor King Cone 1.99

Snickers Ice Cream Bar 1.99

Klondike Choco Taco 2.10

WünderBar Cheese Cake 2.75

Regular or Cherry

Hey Boaters, Swimmers & Lovers,

We Include a Plastic Refuse Bag for Each Boat Delivery!

You Help Keep The Lake Clean &

We Help Keep Your Boat Clean.

About Us: SkagenHus is a Scandinavian Gift Shop & Danish Tea Room located on Hwy #67 just two tenths of a mile or so North of the Lakefront. SkagenHus gets its name from the Northern most Village in Denmark called Skagen. The area is extremely picturesque and distinguished by its low, yellow houses with red tile roofs nestled into the beach areas. The area is closely associated with the Skagen Painters, a community of artists, who flocked to this picturesque, area in the late 1800s to escape the city and to record artistically a way of life they realized was soon to disappear.

SkagenHus also operates the only local European Bakery and Danish Tea Room complete with authentic Danish Open Faced Sandwiches.

Need stress relief without a prescription? Stop in at Our Studio today for a cup of Swedish Coffee and a Warm Piece of Authentic Danish Kringle. Our Kringle Won the “Best Kringle in The United States” Competition and is sure to become a pleasant addition (addiction) to your

Lake Geneva Summers!

As for the owners….we started as weekenders and summer folks from Northbrook, Illinois. Then we had a total break from reality, moving here full time with the dutiful husband still driving (racingJ) into Illinois for work 3 to 4 days per week. And now it’s a European Themed Gift Shop, Restaurant, Bakery, Hot Dogs and Good Humor Ice Cream Cart…..

Talk about addictions!

We love the Old Fashioned rural charm of Williams Bay. “SkagenHus on the Lakefront” is part of our attempt to preserve the youthful essence and simple pleasures of a care free day at the Lake.

Featured on “NBC’s Today Show,”

4 Times!


Special Instructions for busy signals, lines or frustrations about lack of city hyper-speed;

Take a few personal moments to breathe slowly, gain perspective and find some serenity.

It’s well worth the effort Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and Economically!

Besides, our staff are really good peeps normally trying their hardest to please you.

We Listen & Respond:


An Old Fashioned Lake Front Tradition

Menu 2009

Find Us At The Water’s Edge In Front of The Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Offices

Easy & Free Boat Parking

Hours of Operation:

Memorial Day thru Labor Day -

10 AM..ish to 8 PM..ish

Weather Permitting. Fall Weekends Thereafter.

Walk in Lunch & Dinner Orders Welcome at Our Studio During Normal Business Hours and Bad Weather.


Cash is King Lakeside.

Credit Cards for Phone &

Studio Orders Only.


208 Elkhorn Rd

Williams Bay, WI 53191

Lunch & Dinner on the Lakefront An Old Fashioned Tradition!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Hat Society Dines at The Danish Tea Room

The local Lake Geneva area chapter of the famous "Red Hat Society" chose to lunch at The Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus today. The menu included our famous Tomato Bisque Soup, Cold Norwegian Fruit Soup, Danish Open Faced Sandwiches garnished with Orange Slices & Grapes followed by warm Danish Kringle for dessert. By the time lunch began, 17 Red Hat members were ready to partake in a unique Scandinavian experience found locally only in Williams Bay.

Judging by the compliments, as well as the laughter, a very good time was had by all. We'd like to thank the Red Hat Ladies for choosing the Danish Tea Room for their event and to let them know we appreciate their business. Come back often ladies, we had a great time too. :) We especially enjoyed hearing about your heritage's and cultural roots. Click here to learn more about this great group of women.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hot Dog University Comes To Lake Geneva

Mark Reitman, The Hot Dog Professor, made a special house call today to SkagenHus in Williams Bay and brought with him invaluable hands on experience, technical knowledge and product know how. Professor Reitman operates the original Hot Dog University (est. 2006) which has recently been invited to set up shop at Vienna Beef headquarters in Chicago, home of the World Famous "Chicago Dog". Here's what you need to know about Professor Reitman and why this is absolutely the number one Hot Dog Cart Course on the market today. Warning: If you think Mark is operating Hot Dog University as a way to make more money than actually selling product, you'd be wrong. Mark Retired from the full time rat race a few years back and operates the school as a way to give back and to stay in touch.....he loves what he does and he does it very well indeed.

Marks background is in sales with a graduate degree in psychology. A self described entrepreneur, Mark has successfully worked with the public for decades including his own highly successful cart business at both fixed locations and special events like Summer Fest in Milwaukee. Here at SkagenHus we've operated our Scandinavian Hot Dog business for a year now so it's fairly easy for us to tell the wanna be's from the pro's; Mark is a pro, no doubt about it. The devil is in the details as the expression goes and Mark is detail oriented. His knowledge base includes valuable secrets on getting customers in and out while maintaining product consistency and value. We have no doubt that the savings alone in not buying unnecessary equipment and sticking to the basics is money you'll be ahead from the get go. Be sure to ask Mark about the sure fire way to make and sell Fresh Squeezed Lemonade that can turn a simple product into a fun to watch circus of events that add's value to every cup sold! If you ask, he'll also tell you where to buy local crystal clear ice at a 50% savings every time.

The internet is full of DVD and written courses on hot dog cart operations. The problem there is the lack of detail on real world issues of vending equipment and quality products. When Mark first got here (after coffee and warm kringle of course) we proudly showed off our new mobile Ice Cream cart. There was about a four minute verbal exchange on the pro's and con's of Ice Cream carts and it was clear to us that Mark had done his time in the trenches with less than functional Ice Cream carts. Mark's experienced tips on POS signage on just Ice Cream alone will most likely gross us an extra few thousand dollars this summer! You can try one of those DVD's on the market but let me ask you this...When was the last time you asked a DVD a question and you got an answer? Let alone a five minute answer chocked full of tips and tricks?

The pairing of Vienna Beef, and their quality products, with Hot Dog University is a natural. There are many operators that foolishly try to save 10 cents here and there by buying inferior products. The result is inconsistent product at best and a total failure to win over customers after their first purchase (a necessity in this industry is to attract and then retain a loyal customer base). If you can't retain and maintain a large percentage of customers, your cart operations will fail. Vienna Beef products have one of the largest and most loyal customer bases in the United States. They provide high quality products on a highly consistent basis. Mark not only add's the operational know how but continues and improves the Vienna Beef tradition of going out of their way to help operators start and profit in Hot Dog sales; it's a win - win situation that no other product manufacturer chooses to or can provide.

As you can see we enjoyed Marks visit today and are appreciative not only to Professor Reitman but to Vienna Beef for making this introduction possible. We don't expect too many people get as lucky as we did to get a house call like this....Thank you Mark and Thank you Vienna Beef!

lol....I just noticed I was still so wrapped up in all the tips that I forgot to mention that SkagenHus is set to open our own "Old Fashioned" Hot Dog cart operation on the Lake Geneva Lakefront here in Williams Bay this season. Look for us to start operations at the end of the month. We'll be serving the Original Chicago Dog from Vienna Beef along with traditional Danish Hot Dogs and Good Humor Ice Cream products from Cedar Crest Ice Cream headquartered in Good Old Wisconsin! Summer starts soon so be on the lookout.

To see more on Hot Dog University from ABC News click here

Sunday, May 10, 2009

SkagenHus Brings Maxwell Street Polish Sausage to Williams Bay

SkagenHus, in Williams Bay Wisconsin, has now added the original Maxwell Street Polish Sausage to their Chicago Lunch Menu. A Vienna Beef Polish Sausage, deep fried, with Grilled Onions, Mustard and Sport Peppers is tucked cozy inside a steamed Rosen's Bun. A bit more spicy than a classic hot dog for real a Chicago taste that bites back!

Be sure to check out our Value Meal Deals for great savings and value!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lake Front Hot Dogs on Lake Geneva

Could it be that the summer of 2009 is finally the time that Chicago Dogs and Danish Hot Dogs make their appearance on the Lake Front on Lake Geneva in Williams Bay WI? Yes it could be!

Plans are being finalized now for our Grand Opening over Memorial Day Weekend. Be on the lookout for our Value Meal Deals for boaters that include a Chicago Dog, Chips, Soda and Good Humor Ice Cream treat for around $5! No more searching for hard to find pier space.....we'll have quick and easy pick-up service with or without a call ahead.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Danish & Swedish Hot Dogs in Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Denmark's leading sausage brand, Tulip Food Company, markets the Danish hot dog, traditionally featuring a long, thin bright-red sausage, similar to a foot-long hot dog in the USA. The hot dog is steamed and the bread is warmed in either an oven or toaster. Ketchup, mustard and remoulade sauce is followed by a sprinkling of either raw or toasted onion, and a layer of cucumber salad, marinated in a sweet vinegar sauce. The Danish hot dog is sold not only throughout Denmark, but also in the neighboring lands of Germany and southern Sweden, especially in Malmo, by specialized Danish hot dog vendors.

Hot Dogs are very popular in Sweden and are sold from small road side stands in most towns. A standard Hot Dog is a long narrow sausage served on a very small split roll, with the sausage protruding from both sides. Many variations of are sold at these small stands; one of the more popular variations is a Tunnbröd rulleor which is a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla like flatbread and stuffed with many different items. Mashed potatoes is very common and popular. Korv med bröd is what they call a normal hot dog served in a hot dog bun.

Here at SkagenHus in Williams Bay we serve Vienna Beef Hot Dogs in place of the more standard pork Hot Dog found in both Denmark and Sweden. You can get either a Classic size dog (pictured above) or our Famous Viking size dog. The toppings on both our Scandinavian Hot Dogs start with two kinds of mustard (yellow and Dusseldorf), ketchup and remoulade. We then add both raw onions and fried onions. Our Swedish dog is then covered in warm mashed potato's & Aukuaka (marinated cucumbers). Our Danish Hot Dog excludes the mashed potato's.

The picture below and to the right is the famous Viking size Hot Dog at SkagenHus (Chicago style minus the relish, sport peppers and pickle) complete with Belgium Fries (Pomme Frites) and a Swedish Lingonberry Kristall soda. The sauce for the fries is our Garlic Aoili. Click here to see our Menu.

SkagenHus has quickly developed a reputation for serving the Best Hot Dog and fries in Lake Geneva!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Specialty Cakes In Lake Geneva

Specialty Cakes are a big hit these days with the success of Food Networks "Ace of Cakes." Pictured here is a Classic Swedish Torte also known as a Princess Torte. It is three layers of yellow sponge cake, filled with raspberry preserves, custard and mini chocolate chips and then topped with a dome of whip cream and covered with marzipan. Finally the Princess Cake is dusted with powdered sugar with a single marzipan rose on the top.

SkagenHus in Williams Bay is proud to announce the availability of all types of specialty cakes for your next special event. With our Cooperative arrangement with Kirsten's Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge Illinois and with The Swiss Maid Bakery of Harvard and Woodstock Illinois (remember the Movie Ground Hog Day filmed on the Woodstock Square?), we can get just about anything made out of cake.

Regardless of the size of your event or special needs we can most likely get it done for you. The special slide show below is just a small sample of what's available here in the Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin. Prices range from $25 and up depending on your needs. Of course you can also go to Kirstens' (Tx 630-655-2066) or Swiss Maid (Tx 815-743-7282) directly if you like. Just tell Kirsten or Paul (Swiss Maid) that SkagenHus sent you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prix Fixe Menu At The Danish Tea Room

SkagenHus in the Lake Geneva area is doing what we can for our clients in the Danish Tea Room. Given the current economic struggles, we've introduced our Prix Fixe Menu. All this February we're offering a set price for your choice of a Hot Beverage, a special Danish Open Face Sandwich and a Warm Piece of Danish Kringle or Seven Sisters Cake. This weekends' offering is either Rare Roast Beef or Smoked Ham for just $7.95. Shown here is our rare roast beef sandwich.

We have no doubts our Country will weather these challenging times and we want to do our part in making sure our customers have a fresh, nutritious and economical option when they choose to relax for a light meal outside the home.

Here at SkagenHus we're off to the best start to the New Year we've ever had. Thanks to locals and weekenders alike, our Danish Tea Room and European Bakery have been a welcome and much appreciated success. We understand you're looking for value when spending hard earned (or saved) dollars; we are too. Here at SkagenHus we're committed to offering the very freshest, finest and quality "Authentic Scandinavian" food possible. We believe a quality Prix Fixe Menu allows our patrons to relax in European comfort with authentic food and just maybe shake off a little of the stress of daily life.

The next time you head up to the Lake Geneva area or take an afternoon adventure trip within our Southeastern Wisconsin Wonderland, consider stopping by the Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus to see for yourself just how economical, relaxing and fun a stop at SkagenHus can be.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Frikadeller Open Face Style At SkagenHus's Danish Tea Room

The Danish Frikadeller Open Face Sandwich at SkagenHus in lake Geneva Wisconsin is not your ordinary fast food or light and nutritious lunch treat. Pictured here is one of our famous Danish Open Face Sandwiches we serve every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in our Danish Tea Room.

We invite you to click on the picture to enlarge it and see for yourself just how tasty and nutritious this authentic Danish Sandwich is. We start with a thin slice of dark pumpernickel, add European butter and then a fresh leaf of bib lettuce. Next we add thick warm slices of Danish Frikadeller and top it with warm red cabbage and Sylteide Asier. A generous bunch of red seedless grapes and a slice of fresh Florida orange round out this light and satisfying meal.

Isn't it about time for you to think outside the box of normal lunch fare and treat yourself to a authentic and economical alternative? How about the next time you're looking for catering in Lake Geneva and want something special and unique? SkagenHus is happy to cater your next professional lunch or dinner meeting with a large variety and selection of open face sandwiches just like this. All our Danish Tea Room sandwiches are priced between $4.45 and $7.95 at SkagenHus with catering prices slightly higher in order to account for serving trays, etc. The Frikadeller sandwich pictured here is just $5.95!

Make it a point to stop in and treat yourself to authentic Scandinavian cuisine and relax from the stress of life. Add a fresh hot cup of Swedish Coffee and a warm piece of award winning kringle and you'll still be well under $10.00 for an exceptional and delicious Scandinavian treat that will leave you wondering why you took so long to think outside the box.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

FiskeFrikadeller Open Face Style At SkagenHus's Danish Tea Room

FiskeFrikadeller (Danish Fish meatballs) is one of our favorite items to pick up from the Fish Market in Denmark where they are made fresh every day. In Denmark they are pan fried and made with a mix of salmon and plaice. They are served warm with coarsely made remoulade and home baked rye bread.

I can happily admit that not all of them tend to make it home
before being inhaled dockside as we enjoy the mid-morning beauty of the boats and the ocean.

Here at SkagenHus in the Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin we serve these tasty little devils on dark pumpernickel bread as open face sandwiches. In our Danish Tea Room the FiskeFrikadeller are made with fresh Norwegian Salmon and Filet of Sole. They are pan fried in butter and EVOO to a medium golden brown, sliced in generous portions and placed on bib lettuce over buttered pumpernickel then topped with remoulade, lemon slices, a few sprigs of fresh dill and Syltede Asier. A portion of red cabbage and a helping of seedless grapes are added to transform the dish into a full and refreshing light meal.

Why not stop by the Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus on your next visit to Lake Geneva and try a delicious and genuinely authentic Scandinavian meal alternative. Many of our regulars top off their meal with hot Swedish Coffee and warm Danish Kringle. You'll wonder why you don't eat like this more often; especially when you consider the Danish Fiskfrekadeller Open Face Sandwich, Swedish Coffee and warm Kringle are priced at just $8.70 per person.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Danish Open Face Sandwiches at The Danish Tea Room in Lake Geneva

SkagenHus now has over 10 varieties of Danish Open Face Sandwiches available on Fridays. Saturdays & Sundays in their Danish Tea Room. Watching non-Scandinavians try these delectable treats has been an exciting and sometimes humorous adventure for us. It's also exciting to see so many adventurous people ask so much about ingredients and proper pronunciations.

Some of our new offerings are warm sandwiches including Swedish Potato Sausage and the Danish Frikadeller both complete with the traditional red cabbage & Syltede Asier. Warm open face sandwiches make a great addition on a cold winter day. All are also served with a fresh fruit garnish (normally Red or Black seedless grapes) so how could one ask for a more nutritionally complete light and fun meal?

Flexibility has been a key ingredient as some of our clients prefer to forgo the bread due to food alergies. In those situations a fresh bed of bib lettuce works nicely with the realization that what started as a traditional sandwich has now become an upscale american salad of sorts. We had to smile a little extra when one day a quick thinking wife provided her bread to her husband so he could have his tradtional sandwich (eaten with his hands of course) and she was still able to enjoy her Scandinavian meal without the need to give up her desire and follow him to one of his traditional fast food joints in order to maintain marital peace. In fact we've found it fairly common to see a non-adventurist eater enjoying his or her soup and Chicago Dog while their partner delights in something new and refreshing.

The other nice change we've noticed in the Danish Tea Room is couples actually talking with each other and enjoying the fine art of conversation. Something about a new eating adventure seems to bring out the emotional closeness as couples relax and talk aimlessly about Scandinavia or travel in general. You just never know what magic will appear when people simply sit and relax over new food experiences or a combination of old and new.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Danes, Kringle and Coffee.

If you know anything about Scandinavia, or Danes in particular, you know much of their social events take place around a table filled with good food, good coffee, a piece or two of fresh Kringle and good friends and family. The picture here shows a traditional light lunch being enjoyed by the SkagenHus Boss and Kirsten ( the boss' Aunt) at their lovely summer Hus in Ebeltoft, Denmark.

Here at SkagenHus in Williams Bay you can enjoy the same type of relaxed social atmosphere and simply & deliciously prepared quality Scandinavian food. Unlike most American style restaurants where they rush you through your meal, at SkagenHus you're invited to relax, converse and nibble at your leisure. You can begin your meal with a cup of fresh hot coffee, tea or our famous Danish Hot Chocolate: we even have a selection of Kristall soft drinks from Sweden. Perhaps a nice cup of hot soup or a piece of warm kringle will start you off. From there you can feast on an artistically made Danish Open Face Sandwich or maybe you'll prefer to try one of our Scandinavian Hot Dogs? The Boss has even been known to make up a special sampler tray upon request so everyone can try a few bites of each type of sandwich.

What many of our patrons like is that the selections are designed and portioned so you can eat a little from this and a little from that in the size and at a speed that's comfortable for you. If you've never feasted on open face sandwiches a few pointers are in order. The Danes prefer to use a knife and fork to eat their sandwiches. They also tend to start with a fish selection and then move on to a meat selection. Cheese and fruit is normally their last course. Here at the Danish Tea Room we encourage our patrons to do things in a style and fashion they feel comfortable with. Our goal is your relaxation and satisfaction.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Long Stem Wooden Roses at SkagenHus

Long Stem Wooden Roses are available at SkagenHus in Williams Bay. Why not give a gift that retains a perfect color all winter long? Here's a great idea for an affordable Valentines gift for that special someone. Roses can be given in any number from 1 to 100 and still not break the bank. They make great Valentines gifts that can be placed on desks at work or bring lasting color to any home year round.

Prices start at just $3.95 each with an additional 25% discount when purchased by the dozen. Shipping is no problem. Adding a drop or two of rose oil keeps that fresh smell for days on end. Roses come in a variety of colors and we'll be glad to send you pictures of color options by simply emailing us at We'll even mix and match different color options for you.

This year don't wait till the last minute to find something for that special person. Wooden Roses make a great extra addition to that special gift and are often more reasonably priced than expensive cards that last minutes or perhaps days at the most. A wooden Rose, because it can retain its color for years, is a great way to let someone know they matter year around and not just on Valentines day.

Wooden Roses make a great stress relief option as well. Imagine being able to stop and smell the roses each and every day? With these beauties and a small drop of Rose oil you can do just that. Many of our clients make it a point to start their day off by simply stopping to smell the roses.

SkagenHus accepts Google Checkout, PayPal and direct credit card payments. We ship your roses via 2 to 3 day USPS priority mail to most locations in the USA for under $7.00. Free gift wrap and cards with your wording at no additional cost. See our blog profile for contact information