Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lake Geneva Buffalo Wings

SkagenHus now offers award winning La Nova Buffalo Wings for easy take home and cook or you can eat in at our Williams Bay Danish Tea Room. The flavor known around the world as "Buffalo Style"! These wings are covered in La Nova's famous hot sauce recipe with just the right blend of spices to make them the true “Original Buffalo Wings Flavor". This meaty, moist wing has sold millions! Why not try a take home bag (2.5 Lbs) and thrill your friends for your next party or late night gathering? Just pop them in the oven. No extra sauce to add, no complicated recipes and no fuss. Liz B from Hawthorne Woods opted to take home 3 bags as part of her recent holiday family celebration and reported that her entire family, including her tough to please brothers, loved em!

Here on the right are the BBQ chicken wings. Originated by La Nova Pizzeria in the early 1970’s. These award winning wings have a unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors. They are a mouthwatering treat that is guaranteed to win over veteran wing aficionado's and new wing eaters alike! The BBQ wings are our kids favorites and we keep em on hand for late night snacks after a long day snow boarding or snowmobiling.

Below is a
picture of our Italian wings which are a shade milder then the Hot Wings with a generous seasoning mix of Italian herbs and spices. Stop in on your next trip through town and try a few to see if you don't agree that SkagenHus has the best wings in the Lake Geneva area.

Our prices are great too. A 6 piece portion (Classic) is a wonderful add on to your next hot dog order and prices start at just $3.95. If you're in
the mood for a Viking size order (12 piece) the price is only $7.45!

SkagenHus also has a plain oven roasted version for those of you with special homemade sauce recipes or who simply prefer a little blue cheese or ranch dressing with their chicken wings. You'll be pleased with the size of our wings and the no fuss preparation. Just place them on an oven roasting pan covered with foil, set the oven temp and in 25 minutes you'll have a mouth watering treat second to none. Below is a picture of our Oven Roasted Wings. All 2.5 Lb bags (any flavor) are just $19.95 and feed 3 to 4 easily.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Serving Pie & Coffee: How To

After spending a good deal of time in the research of proper pie service I was surprised to find that very few articles exist (on the Internet at least) regarding what I believed was likely to be a very heated topic. I have no doubt that the origins of pie date back hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. Surely, I thought, there must be a seminal article in the official rules and standards of proper pie service? Alas, I have yet to find the essential guidelines and thus I am left to synthesize information gathered from here and there in my attempt at what amounts to a basic review of the literature on the topic.

I recall from previous rea
ding that the odds are fairly good that apple pie dominates the market followed closely by pumpkin and then pecan. I seem to recall cherry and blueberry rather high in the ratings as was lemon Meringue and strawberry rhubarb. Then again the strawberry rhubarb may be more about my personal favorites than actual ratings from people more knowledgeable on the topic?

"Apparently, the results of a nationwide poll by Schwan's Consumer Brands North America (the makers of Mrs. Smith's) surprised even them. When asked what their three favorite pies were, people chose apple pies a whopping 72 percent of the time (47 percent for plain apple pie, and 25 percent for apple-crumb pie). Second place may be even more of a shock.

That's because the silver medal went to pumpkin pie, with 37 percent of the vote. Chocolate-cream pie came in third with 32 percent, and cherry came in last of the top scorers, with a surprisingly middling 27 percent.

The exact results:

1. Apple, 47 percent
2. Pumpkin, 37 percent
3. Chocolate creme, 32 percent
4. Cherry, 27 percent
5. Apple crumb, 25 percent
6. Pecan, 24 percent
7. Lemon Meringue, 24 percent
8. Blueberry, 21 percent
9. Key lime, 18 percent
10. Peach, 16 percent

That's right. No strawberry-rhubarb, no banana cream, no shoo-fly. Key lime and peach pies found popularity in the Southern states, but apple was strong all across the board

Interestingly, though, Key lime pie is the fastest growing frozen pie all across the country, according to the Schwan's people. Schwan's brand, Edward's Key lime pie, which just went from being only available in the South to being national, just overtook its apple pie as having the most sales. (The company's own chef in the contest, Michael Gunn, has entered multiple categories, and said they weren't swayed by the polls. His favorite entries: mixed-berry pie, Key lime pie, and two-crust apple pie with a Cinnabon glaze. He probably didn't get much sleep last night, but said, "The sugar always keeps us going.")

Other polls in the survey (an online poll of 1,000 people across many demographic groups) included people's favorite fictional pie-makers:

1. Carol Brady ("The Brady Bunch"), 40 percent
2. Claire Huxtable ("The Cosby Show") 22 percent
3. Bree Van de Camp "Desperate Housewives"), 16 percent
4. Debra Barone ("Everybody Loves Raymond"), 13 percent
5. Marge Simpson ("The Simpsons"), 8 percent

But wasn't Debra Barone supposed to be an awful cook?

Finally, this being a survey conducted at the behest of a pie-making company, there was one more poll: "Who makes the best pie?"

1. Mom, 27 percent
2. Store-bought convenience pies, 26 percent
3. Grandma, 17 percent"

(information borrowed from Michael Y. Park from Epicurious.com)

I have been unable to find any written preferences for what the pie should be served on but I'm pretty sure that either a plain white "pie plate" or a fine porcelain plate from Royal Copenhagen (any pattern) would do an admirable job. Again inserting my personal taste on the topic I have had some rather excellent pie served on Currier and Ives Plates. I think we can all generally agree that proper pie service requires that we stay free from paper or plastic plates unless we're tucked comfortably on our home couch or easy chair and want to avoid washing any more dishes for the evening? Here at SkagenHus we're fortunate to have a good supply of the Currier and Ives so we go that route. I've also found the images on the plates are very good a helping me imagine a simpler time in life and thus aid in stress relief to some extent; a very desirable state of mind achieved while eating pie and drinking coffee.

As far as the proper eating utensils go I think we can all agree once again that plastic is out, even at home on the comfortable couch? Forks versus spoons is an ongoing debate that lies outside the parameters of this particular blog entry so that choice is left to the reader to ponder.

Most articles I've read recommend eating pie at room temperature unless a scoop or two of ice cream is to be added. In the case of this ala mode version then it's desirable to heat the pie so the filling is warm (not hot) so as to provide the necessary culinary contrast in temperatures with the ice cream. I believe this is also true of pumpkin pie or other, non fruit pies served with whipped cream as an addition to their normal topping.

While it goes without saying that the coffee should be both good and hot, the cup again is a source of much debate. It seems reasonable to assume that if the pie is being eaten as part of a formal or semi-formal event then the cup will likely be wide at the mouth and shallow in depth complete with a saucer. It's been my experience that for the optimal sense of relaxation a sturdy 10 ounce porcelain mug with handle does the job very adequately. I don't know about you but the last thing I want to worry about is coffee spillage into the saucer when using a wide mouth cup.

So, in conclusion, pie is best served on a porcelain pie plate. It is eaten with a well balanced and comfortable spoon or fork and the coffee should be served in a 10 ounce coffee mug preferably free of frilly pictures or advertising. All these issues of course are dependent upon the setting or circumstance of your pie eating experience. For us at SkagenHus, coffee and pie is all about relaxation and a break from the daily stress of life. It's also about taste and when done right, it's about memories of bygone days when life was slower paced, less stressful and more civilized.

Here at
SkagenHus we want to take you back to a simpler, less rushed era when time seemed to stand still and people had the good sense to sit and savor a light meal and good conversation; in much the same way they are still enjoyed throughout Scandinavia today.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beach House Finds: A Blog About All Things Beach House!

SkagenHus in the Lake Geneva area of Southest Wisconsin was honored to be featured recently in Beach House Finds by Barb Segal and Associates. Barbara Sheehan Segal is known for her unscripted eloquence and spontaneous reactions to fashion and home trends. She designs attractive blogs, social networking primping, e-mail newsletter campaigns, video production and web site design.

It was fun to find the blog and Barb featuring our Royal Copenhagen Star Fluted Christmas place setting, especially considering it's minus 30 degree's today here in Williams Bay and Barb operates out of sunny Los Angeles California. Check out Barb's Blog at beachhousefinds.blogspot.com for some dreamy reading on a cold midwestern day. Barb has a great eye for fine design and we agree that Holiday time is a great opportunity to host a Pot Luck Party. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Catering in Lake Geneva

Have you been thinking about ways to make your Christmas or New Years gatherings more economical and easy? Why not try doing things the easy way for a change? SkagenHus in Williams Bay can provide you with high quality and great tasting products from Vienna Beef that are already cooked and ready to just heat and serve.

Soups, Chili's, Buffalo Wings, Chicago Style Hot Dogs, you name it and we probably have it. All of our products are award winning and come pre-cooked and frozen. All you do is heat and serve. Prices start at just 15.95 for a 4 Lb vacuum packed bag of Cheddar Broccoli soup and run to 19.95 for 2.5 Lb's of pre-sauced and frozen Buffalo Wings from Buffalo New York where it all started. SkagenHus carries Award winning Buffalo Wings from La Nova in BBQ, Hot & Spicy, Italian or Plain. All you do is pop em in the oven and you have a great tasting dish your family and friends will talk about and crave for years to come.

This year save money and time while increasing the quality and taste of the food you serve. Stop in or call us to find out more. 262-245-1911

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Bakery In Williams Bay; A Big Hit!

Lets face it, with all the press about the economy even those who haven't felt the bite are still cutting back on spending for gifts this year. One thing we've noticed is a resurgence in family traditions and the inclusion of special food items for holiday gatherings. Here at SkagenHus our European Bakery items have been an especially sought after delicacy. From our award winning Danish Kringles and Seven Sisters cakes to our Swedish Flops and Cardamom Coffee Cakes, we've been filling lots of hearts and stomachs with the tastes of old family traditions.

Adding a special bakery item this Christmas Holiday is a great way to share your love and stay within your budget. Many of our customers have grown accustomed to ordering ahead of time so they know their treat will be available at the height of freshness.

SkagenHus also has Yule Kagen (special order), Ginger Bread Houses and Swedish Flops shaped in the form of a Christmas Tree for that extra touch. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Danish Tea Room At SkagenHus

The Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus is becoming a big hit with locals and out of town visitors alike. Gary and Maria Sorensen made the trek from the Kenosha Racine area on Saturday to try our Danish Open Face Sandwiches. Gary is a member of the Danish Brotherhood Lodge #14 from Kenosha. In their e-mail received this morning Gary wrote

"I just wanted to tell you how much my wife Maria and myself enjoyed our visit to your place. The food was terrific and the companionship even better. I will enjoy sharing our experience at the SkagenHus with the Danish Brotherhood membership this Tuesday evening. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas."

Thank you Gary and Maria. We were pleased you could stop in and to also hear about the great work and the large membership of the Danish Brotherhood in Kenosha. Danish tradition (as are all cultural traditions) is an important heritage we need to keep passing along from generation to generation.

If you'd like to find out more about the Danish Brotherhood Lodge #14 in Kenosha Wisconsin, just click on the cute Viking and the link will take you to their website. Take time to read their history as Gary has done a great job in putting the site together! Mange Tak Gary and Maria.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belgian Fries Come to Lake Geneva

SkagenHus is happy to announce the addition of Belgian Fries (Pomme Frites) to their Chicago Style Lunch and Dinner menu options! Now you can have that famous twice fried and crispy taste as an extra treat with your Danish Hot Dog. Our sauces include Doc's Secret Sauce, Garlic Aioli, Danish Ketchup, Black Point Peppercorn and Ranch.

Belgian Fries are fried twice for a crispy outside and smooth and hot inside. Stop by SkagenHus in Williams Bay WI on your next visit and try the Pomme Frites.

We carry Dutch Stroopie Waffles as well! Try em as a great morning snack with your coffee or tea. Just place the waffle on your coffee cup and allow the heat and steam to bring their flavor and cinnamon caramel center to life.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unique Lake Geneva Take Out Option; Home Kitchen Creations at SkagenHus

Starts Monday November 24th: Home Kitchen Creations by SkagenHus. Family meal options designed to satisfy the need for Fresh, High Quality and Value in family dinner options. Here at SkagenHus we've combined our daily access to fresh made bakery goods and quality Vienna Beef products to bring you family style meals for one to one hundred. We supply the main course along with some select additions and a quality dessert. You order and pay at anytime of the day via phone or email and pick up on your drive home. Generous sized servings are packed family style for you to heat at home at a time you choose. Included are serving suggestions, heating instructions and recipes. You add the dinnerware and any special additions from your fridge to have a quality family meal in just 15 minutes or less. Even Rachael Ray would be impressed by the time and money savings.

Each day of the week has a different theme from Fresh Pasta and Vodka Sauce, to Beef Stew; there's even a BBQ and Creole Night with a slice of fresh Pecan Pie! Stay tuned for information on our opening night and our fixed price menu items. There's even family friendly discounts based on the number of servings ordered. We believe we can surpass your local grocery or normal take out spot for exciting, unique and flavorful options. Home Kitchen Creations from SkagenHus will expand your dinner options and put time back in your families routine to sit down at the dinner table again.

Click here for Menu
Fresh Home Creations Menu

Friday, October 31, 2008

People & Service That Make Vienna Beef A Cut Above; Jim Locaciato & Keith Smith

In the world of Hot Dogs and Chicago Style food items Vienna Beef continues as number 1 in almost every ones mind. Since 1894 Vienna Beef has been known as the maker of some of the finest products in the food industry. What they're also known for is their support of their retailers in whatever way necessary to help ensure the success of the business's. Many a small Mom and Pop Hot Dog stand has become legendary, especially in Chicago (see "Never Put Ketchup On a Hot Dog" by Bob Swartz, 2008) as a result of the help and support provided by Vienna Beef and their family of employee's.

Here at SkagenHus our experience has been no different. As a retailer we're often speaking with sales reps from multiple companies regarding products we know little about to begin with. The most helpful reps are those that share product info from their experiences and from others in their companies who know. In small business, product information is vital to success. We need to know what sells and which products are made well. Nothing turns off customers faster then poor products and nothing turns off retailers faster then products which don't sell.

Today we had the opportunity to consult with Jim Lacaciato, Vienna Beefs resident guru on all things food and food industry. The consult was set up by Keith Smith, Vienna Beef's Marketing Executive. Keith came to us, unsolicited, and asked if we'd like the help. When you understand how small we are in comparison to many of Vienna Beefs clients you begin to understand how amazing the offer was and how valuable the service is.

Jim, according to Keith, is one of Vienna's top minds on product as well as food service delivery systems. In our meeting with Jim we found Keith's perspective professionally understated as Jim was a veritable font of knowledge and invaluable in his help. Aside from his basic good guy demeanor and his experience, he was a true pleasure to speak with and be with. As a retailer we couldn't have asked for anything more.

We'll be putting Jim's ideas and suggestions to work immediately. And the feeling of support we received from Vienna Beef through Jim and Keith's efforts will always make Vienna Beef number 1 in our minds in terms of product knowledge and total customer support. Thank you both for all the help and encouragement!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SkagenHus Serves Ice Boaters

Sunday October 26th was the annual Ice Boat swap meet in Williams Bay held by Sailing Specialists Bob & Jane Pagel from Sailing Specialties in Williams Bay. The event is formally known as the Skeeter IBC Swap Meet and brings Ice Sailing enthusiasts in from all over the central states region. This was their 23rd annual event.

SkagenHus was on hand serving hot Swedish Coffee, Kirsten's D
anish Kringles and Swiss Cinnamon Bears from Swiss Maid Bakery in Harvard Illinois. As usual the Swedish Coffee and warm Danish Kringle was a big hit. The big surprise however was the Cinnamon Bears that sold out in short order!

Made by Swiss Maid Bakery, these half pound warm treats went down very well on the cold brisk morning! Patrons for the event were none too disappointed though as they also bought out the Kringle order we were able to procure the night before. All agreed the event was a success and many of the folks will be back for Kringles on their way to Ice Boat in Fontana Bay
on Geneva Lake this winter.

SkagenHus will now carry the Cinnamon Bears on an everyday basis so be sure to stop by for a hot cup of Swedish or German Coffee and a warm Cinnamon Bear on your next visit to Lake Geneva.

Congratulations to the Skeeter IBC and to Sailing Specialists for another successful event enjoyed by all! Keep at least two skates on the ice.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stop For Weekend Coffee and Pie In Lake Geneva

When was the last time you stopped somewhere for a cup of coffee and a fresh slice of pie? SkagenHus in Williams Bay offers fresh Swedish or German Coffee and a Fresh slice of Pie From Swiss Maid Bakery for just $3.25. On your next visit to the Lake Geneva area why not renew this old custom of slowing down the pace of life and treating yourself to a delectable treat?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorating

SkagenHus is proud to announce they have once again been invited to decorate the giant Christmas Tree's in the lobby of the Abbey Resort & Spa in Fontana Wisconsin. Sue Thune, Activity Director, said the response last year to the Scandinavian tree's was wonderful and the Hot Glogg and Swedish YulMust was a big hit with families as they watched the excitement and even joined in, helping to decorate the tree's.

The first Christmas Tree to be decorated will be a Danish Christmas Tree and we'll be creating that on the Saturday November 29th (Thanksgiving weekend) from 4 Pm to 6 PM in the main lobby next to the reception desk. Once again look for Authentic Hot Glogg and Swedish YulMust plus some European Bakery items from Kirsten's Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge and From Swiss Maid Bakery in Harvard.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Holiday Kringles Make Great Business Gifts

Looking for a great tasting and unique Holiday gift this year? Want to give one of the best Business Holiday Gifts you can find at an economic price with no fuss? Why not try sending a truly authentic taste of Denmark that your friends, family or business associates will love.

SkagenHus, in Williams Bay, WI will be happy to send two (2) freshly baked authentic Kringles from Kirsten's Danish Bakery, complete with gift card, to any location within the United States. Kirsten's Danish Bakery won the USA Kringle contest the last time it was held beating out all others for taste, quality and authenticity.

We ship via UPS or USPS Priority and for a total price of $36.95 (including shipping) you'll have giving a gift that will be remembered for years to come! Just click below on the google checkout link and we'll do the rest! BTW-The picture to left is Rune The Danish baker who makes each Kringle by hand.

Holiday Danish Kringles can be matched with bottles of Pre-mixed Glogg for a truely Scandinavian gift. Just Email us for complete details.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vienna Beef Retail Sales

SkagenHus, in Williams Bay WI, is happy to announce the availability of Vienna Beef Products for Retail Sale to the public. Now you can enjoy all the great products from Vienna Beef at home in a cost effective way for family meals, parties or any special occasion.

Most products such as Bistro Soups and Chili's come in convenient pre-cooked, vacuum packed and frozen 4 Lb pouches. Of course we also have Vienna Beef's famous Italian Beef and Hot Dogs. We believe you can't make many of the products at less of a cost then buying direct from us; we know for sure it doesn't get any easier!

Great options for those afternoon or nighttime football parties would be a package of Northwoods Chili (feeds 6 to 8 hungry appetites easily) for $16.95 and a package of Bistro Broccoli Cheese Soup (also feeds 6 to 8) for $15.95. Add your own toppings and you have a great selection of delicious tasting and easy serving food options.

For a fast and tasty family dinner, after a hard day at the office, try Bistro Tomato Bisque Soup over Tortollini. This is one of our family fav's. Bistro's Tomato Bisque W/Spinach and Orzo makes an unbelievable sauce for pasta and many of our clients liken the taste to a premium Vodka Sauce that otherwise takes hours to make. Leftovers make a great lunch option at the office the next day.

Click here for a link to our Vienna Beef retail offerings (Menu coming soon!) and be sure to stop by SkagenHus on your next visit to the Lake Geneva area for some fun Scandinavian Gift Shopping and a great taste of Chicago. Sorry, SkagenHus Vienna Beef retail sales are for Studio Pick-up only; SkagenHus does not ship Vienna Beef product due to cost factors in shipping food. Vienna Beef does ship their famous products and you can find their online store here https://www.viennabeefstore.com/index.php?

Friday, October 3, 2008

SkagenHus Now Does Catering In Lake Geneva and Southeast Wisconsin

Ever wanted to have an authentic and traditional smørrebrød as the theme for your party? Looking for something unique, fresh and delectable? Danish Open Face Sandwiches are an ideal and cost effective solution. SkagenHus is now featuring traditional Danish Open face Sandwiches for both the main meal and appetizers. We'd be happy to show you how we can prepare some of the most exciting and healthy Scandinavian treats for your next event.

SkagenHus can cater breakfast, lunch and dinner events with traditional favorites from Swedish Pancakes and Danish Abeleskivers to a large variety of Delightful Danish Open Face Sandwiches. And our meals work easily for your guests discerning palates including those preferring vegetarian selections, fish, cheese or the more traditional meat dishes.

To see your choices and get friendly and fun help in planning, call 262-245-1911 to set up a tasting session now. We can help make your event a one of a kind experience not soon to be matched anywhere. SkagenHus is also happy to create authentic Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Italian Beef and Soup events for your next sporting event party! We use only the finest Vienna Beef products to assure that 100% Chicago Taste!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

SkagenHus Add's Chicago Style Lunch 6 Days Per Week

SkagenHus is happy to announce our Scandinavian Hot Dogs did so well this summer that we've added to our list of offerings for a delicious Chicago Style lunch 6 Day's per week(Closed Mondays) in Williams Bay; within easy reach of Lake Geneva, Fontana, Walworth and Delavan WI. Click here for our Daily Take Out/Dine In Menu.

SkagenHus uses only the finest fresh ingredients from Vienna Beef. We now serve Italian Beef Sandwiches plus Chili and Soups complete with bread bowls, if desired. Stop in on your next visit for an authentic taste of Chicago at reasonable prices. We know you'll join us often for a great meal at sound prices. Orders can be called in ahead for pick up (245-1911) or eaten in our unique & cozy serving area.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Danish Tea Room In Lake Geneva WI Area

The Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus is now open for weekend Smørrebrød.

Welcome to The Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus. (Click Here For Menu ). Over 75 years ago one of the best known destinations in the lake Geneva area was “The Little Danish Tea Room.” The Little Danish Tea Room was first opened by 1933 by Mr. & Mrs. Martin Nels Houlberg at 422 Wells St. It was sold in 1968 and a newer restaurant now occupies the location.

Relax and enjoy an Authentic Danish Open Face Sandwich, Danish Hot Dog or simply a great piece of cheesecake and a cup of coffee. SkagenHus wants to take you back to a simpler, more elegant era when time seemed to stand still and people had the good sense to sit and enjoy a meal and good conversation; in much the same way they are still enjoyed all over Scandinavia today.

We are the only location in the entire Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area where one can still enjoy authentic Danish and Scandinavian food that has not been “Americanized” or altered from the same way it’s served in Scandinavia to this day. Our recipes come from family favorites, both here and in Denmark, and are still enjoyed by all our family. We’re happy to share our food and other cultural traditions with all our clients in hopes we can all find a way to slow down and experience the most important area’s of life…family, friends, food and traditions.

There's no doubt that Denmark's open sandwiches called Smørrebrød are the most famous feature of the Danish kitchen. They're also a staple of the Norwegian diet, stemming from when Denmark ruled Norway in the 19th Century. The sandwiches have hundreds of variations, with chefs coming up with new versions all the time.

The simple, "flat", four sandwiches that office workers take for lunch are usuallymade on thin slices of white bread, which they often eat at their desks with a small container of milk. Deluxe, gourmet versions feature brightly colored compositions, so generous that three are enough for a meal. These are usually found at restaurants like the Grand Cafe in Oslo, Norway. Patrons accompany these with cold Danish or Norwegian beer.

While there's an endless variety of good breads used to make these open-faced sandwiches, the Danes usually make them with dark rye bread. Chefs prefer wholegrain breads for their firmness so that they can cut the slices as thin as possible. When they use white bread, they usually toast it.

Smørrebrød eaters start with fish and proceed to those made with meat and salad. Unlike the Norwegians, the Danes wind up a smørrebrød meal with a piece of buttered white bread on which they place a thick slice of a good cheese.

Swiss Maid Bakery Comes To Williams Bay, WI.

SkagenHus is happy to announce that a cooperative venture between SkagenHus and Swiss Maid Bakery, of Harvard and Woodstock Illinois, has been developed that will allow for the creation of the availability of Fresh Bakery Items daily in Williams Bay, WI.

This means all natural fresh breads, including Swedish Limpa Bread, fresh muffins, coffee cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, cardamom coffee cakes and more will now be easily accessible for local residents! No more 5 to 7 mile drives for fresh bakery early in the morning.

Swiss Maid Bakery is a fourth generation family owned retail bakery. Paul Stricker and his wife Laura, continue to operate the bakery that has grown from both sides of Paul's family. The grandparents both operated bakeries during the depression on North Ave. in Chicago after moving from Switzerland. After both families (Strickers and Planzers) moved to the Harvard, Illinois area, the parents united the family and bakery through marriage.

Over the years, Swiss Maid Bakery has specialized in great sweet dough products. They use an old family recipe that uses fresh eggs and butter. The sweet dough rises twice to create a most tender product.

At SkagenHus we'll still continue with our Fresh Danish Kringle and Danish Seven Sisters from Kirsten's Danish Bakery and this is really just an expansion requested by many of our clients. Living in a small town normally means significant drives for many daily items. Now you can stop before work or school and pick up those donuts, cookies or whatever, as office treats or for classroom parties.

Be sure to stop by and see our large daily selections and low prices. You can also order special selections including cakes with as little as one day's notice and have them here fresh and ready to enjoy when you need them.

SkagenHus now opens at
7 AM Tuesdays thru Saturday and
830 AM on Sundays. SkagenHus also has fresh European and Colombian coffee to go and the only authentic European Bakery items in the Southeastern WI area..

Swiss Cinnamon Bears from Swiss Maid Bakery, one of their signature creations!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Danish Open Face Sandwiches Demo Day

Saturday September 6th is Danish Open face Sandwich Demo Day at SkagenHus in Williams Bay, WI. All day long clients who stop by will be offered Shrimp and/or Grav Lox sandwiches to taste test. We'll be showing folks pictures of multiple types of traditional Danish sandwiches and requesting input on the types and kinds of sandwiches they think would rock their taste buds and top off their shopping experience here in the Geneva Lake area. Attendee's of the Lake Geneva Wine Festival are also encouraged to stop by. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Danish Open Faced Sandwiches


The above Story will give you some idea of what's on tap for this fall at SkagenHus in Williams Bay, WI. What could be better then doing some light holiday shopping for those unique Scandinavian accent items that decorate homes during Christmas and enjoying a light and healthy Danish open face sandwiches with a cup of tea or coffee. Stay tuned for more on our new smørebrød addition to SkagenHus.

Kirsten's Danish Bakery Wins National Kringle Kontest (Order Link In This Story)

Kirsten's Danish Bakery walked away with the first prize in Dana College's "Kringle Tasting Kontest" held Oct 6th, 2005.

The panel determined Kirsten's Danish Kringle to be the BEST based upon a variety of characteristics, including appearance, taste and over-all quality! Kirsten's beat out
Benson's Bakery in Omaha, NE
Olsens Danish Village Bakery in Solvang, CA
O & H Bakery in Racine, WI
Among others.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kringles From Kirsten's Danish Bakery

Once again Williams Bay and SkagenHus have been inundated by requests for summer bakery items from Kirsten's Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge Illinois (www.kirstensdanishbakery.com). Kirsten made the decision to bring a trained baker from Odense Denmark when she opened her Danish Bakery in 1998. Kirsten's won the coveted title of "Best Tasting Kringle" in the USA in 2005 competing against all the major Danish Bakeries in the USA. You can order direct from Kirsten's online and have your Kringle sent to you fresh or, if in the neighborhood, you can stop by SkagenHus up in the Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin.

Here at SkagenHus we receive our orders fresh each Thursday morning/late Wednesday night and tend to run out by Saturday at noon. The demand has become so great that clients now call in their orders by Wednesday to ensure their treats are here for their weekend visits.

Besides the best tasting Kringles this side of Randers, SkagenHus also carries Seven Sisters from Kirsten's and their newly popular Danish Cinnamon Coffee cake.

One word about Kringle preferences given there are so many American Versions....in a pinch any Kringle is better then none.....but given a choice, authentic hand made Danish Kringle from Kirsten's is the best.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Danish Hot Dogs

Danish & Scandinavian Hot Dogs have come to Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Danish Hot Dogs, Swedish Hot Dogs, Norwegian Hot Dogs, Finnish Hot Dogs and Icelandic Hot Dogs are now the order of the day thanks to a collaborative effort between Vienna Beef in Chicago (Est. 1893) and SkagenHus in Williams Bay, WI.

There are some similarities between the delectable treats and some stark differences. Most of the Scandinavian dogs use Remoulade as well as fried onions. For the the dog itself SkagenHus has chosen to use the 8 inch long All Beef wiener from Vienna Beef to accommodate the mandatory ends of the dog protruding past the bun. The Remoulade and Aukuaka are both home made according to a secret family recipe and give the dogs that traditional Scandinavian taste. The fried onions are another authentic must have and here at SkagenHus we sell that "hard to find" item online.

Kelli Kunes and Lindsay Schryver of Williams Bay and Fontana stopped in during our open house today. Kelli says the dogs are great and the price is right (Just $2.75)! Lindsay says she enjoyed the flavor and array of new and unusual toppings. Thank you ladies, for stopping by! Of course they left with our Hot Dog girl, Kristina, which leaves Dad to clean up for the night! I've survived High School with Teenagers so I guess I'll survive the College years as well? Oh, the joys of a family run business!

Oh, and for you die hard Chicago Hot Dog Fan's SkagenHus does serve the traditional Chicago Dog with all the authentic fixens from Vienna Beef. So far we've converted a few folks to the Danish Delight but many people in the lake Geneva area are happy to finally find the real deal...A Vienna Beef Dog, dressed Chicago style (drag one through the garden please), in a steamed Rosen's Poppy Seed Bun. It's been our experience that many a fine Chicago treat has been somehow botched by well meaning cheese heads with no true Chicago experience. Here at SkagenHus the only Dog makers allowed are those whose first Chicago Dogs were devoured in Chicago or the northern suburbs!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

They've Stopped Making Geneva Lake Access Property

"They've Stopped Making Geneva Lake Access Property"

Kind of an odd headline, I know. Then again Lake Geneva Wisconsin and our little Village of Williams Bay is all about lake access and weekend/summer homes. I recently found a blog written by one of our long time area residents who was also a teacher in the Williams Bay School system for our oldest son. If concise area home information is what you need, here's the spot to find it http://www.genevalakefrontrealty.com/blog/

Area visitors are quick to ask us locals about the best of anything in the area. This is our tip when it comes to real estate matters. We believe with a little reading you'll see why we think David is tuned into the area market in a way that benefits both buyers and sellers. Happy weekend and summer home hunting!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring May Have Sprung Today?

Mother Nature has certainly given us a good hard look at what winter in the Midwest can be like. This year has been one of those old fashioned snow, cold and ice spectacles I remember from my childhood. My morning trip to Bells Store was complete with local information that the ice on Lake Geneva is 18 inches thick and some of the smoothest and fissure free in some time. Geneva Bay is full of the normal ice fishing enthusiasts, Fontana is decked out in ice boats (minus a good wind unfortunately) for the annual regatta and Williams Bay has it's usual mix of Snowmobiles, Ice Fishing Shacks and weekend folks walking their best friends across the ice.

What struck me in the Studio today was the mix of people passing by and the hopefulness in their voices that winter was about over. Outside were joggers, dog walkers and the occasional snowmobile heading for gas. It was a bright sunny day and people were finally venturing out of their homes. Lightweight coats seemed to be the order of the day as well.

As I headed home early this afternoon I stopped by for a chat with my neighbor John who was busy outside, chipping away as much ice as possible from his front walk. The conversation was a back and forth about the possibility of Spring at hand. He had stayed the winter without his normal Florida trip due to the recent birth of his grandchild. He had no complaints about staying and even offered he had grilled ribs last night outside while listening to the rumble of snowmobiles maneuvering the trails of Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy. His son in law was reported to be waist deep in lake trout caught in the narrows a few nights ago; one even 10 pounds plus. But in the end we were both in agreement that the snow storm reported to be on it's way was hopefully more about news and less about reality. My optimistic belief is today we saw the first of Spring with many more sunny days to come.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Royal Copenhagen Collectable Easter Eggs In Stock

Flora Easter Eggs Gift Sets (www.skagenhus.com)

This series of Royal Copenhagen Easter Eggs speaks the language of flowers. The small eggs are made of the brightest white porcelain and are decorated with white pansies, yellow crocus, blue anemones and pale mauve violets. The shades have been carefully coordinated to complement and work with each other.

The flower design itself is inspired by Royal Copenhagen’s first Flora Danica service from 1790, a costly gift from the Danish Royal Family to Catherine the Great of Russia. The service was decorated using illustrations from the great botanical work Flora Danica, which catalogues the Danish kingdom’s flora in detail.

Royal Copenhagen’s creative team has spent countless hours admiring the original illustrations and carefully selecting the most beautiful spring flowers to be printed on the eggs for Easter.


Always Free USPS Priority Shipping Within The USA.

Why Buy From Us? We’re a licensed retailer able to handle all aspects of the transaction and we always sell all Royal Copenhagen products at 20% below MSRP to our private clients! Shop Safe.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Found some beautiful Winter pictures from Norway!


For some beautiful photography, check the above blog out. Not your normal tourist pictures by any means. You get a real sense of Norway in Winter plus some other great shots.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Danish Meatballs - Frikadeller

Danish Meatballs Known As Frikadeller

Try this great tasting alternative the next time you think about cooking something new.

Serves 4 to 6

1 1/2 pounds ground pork
shoulder or similar cut
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons dehydrated onions
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon ground pepper
2 eggs
1 cup milk
Butter or margarine
Vegetable oil

If you purchase pork already ground at the market, be sure that it is not seasoned pork sausage. Danish Meatballs can be frozen and reheated in the oven or microwave.

1 - Combine the ground pork with the flour in a bowl and mix well. Add the dehydrated onion, granulated garlic, salt and pepper. Mix in the eggs and then the milk. Spoon the mixture into a deep plate and chill in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours for easier shaping.

2 - Add enough equal parts butter and oil to a skillet to measure 1/4 inch in depth. Heat over medium heat. Hold the dish with the meatball mixture in the left hand and spoon the pork mixture carefully into the pan with a soup spoon, shaping it into balls with the spoon. Cook the meatballs until brown on both sides, turning once.

3 - Remove the meatballs to a plate. Serve warm with Red Cabbage and Caramel Potatoes or serve a as a light lunch with Potato Salad.

Find all these and more recipes in Cooking Danish! Cookbook

Small recipe alterations as suggested by Ditte to make them extra tasty. We've made them this way for 50 plus years and even the youngest eater will love them.

Reduce Flour to 1 Tblsp
Replace Milk with Chicken Stock
Replace Dehydrated Onions with 1 medium/large onion Grated

For the Danish Carmel Potatoes simply purchase a can or two of small new potatoes. Rinse the potatoes and dry. Cook a combination of butter and brown sugar slowly in a fry pan over medium to medium low heat. There should be at least a 1/8 inch thick mixture of sugar and butter coating the bottom of the fry pan. When the sugar has melted into the butter just add the potatoes and cook until the potatoes have a nice brown sugar skin on them. Turning the potatoes infrequently will help in the browning process. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Take some action and do things differently this year. Connect with new friends and re-connect with old ones.

For most of us there's no denying that time and the dreaded "To Do List" are way out of balance; more things to do and the same amount of time within which to do them. My friends and I often vent with each other over a concept we call "Living Lighter." Loosely defined it means trying to re-balance our lifestyles to make more time for the things we want to do while still giving us the time to complete the things we need to do.

The things we want to do is as varied as our imaginations allow. The things we need to do is much more uniform; work responsibilities, home responsibilities, commuting, civic & school involvement, etc.

What seems to inevitably get shorted is time just connecting with others, or at least it's that way in my life. Family dinners have gone the way of the 8 track tape as have weekends off and short adventure drives. I could go on here but for the sake of brevity I'll let you add your own version of the things that happen less in your life these days due primarily to the overload of the things that need to be done.

My resolution this year is to try and re-connect, re-establish and create new opportunities for time with others. I don't expect that the things I want and the things I need to do will ever balance perfectly (unless of course I win the lottery) but somewhere in that equation is a little more peace, tolerance, acceptance and sense of spirituality. Finding that point is my resolution for 2008. Whatever your resolutions are, I hope you find your way to fulfilling them.