Saturday, December 29, 2007

Food Finds

Food Finds

One of our most surprising finds during this business year is how many of our clients have supported our growing food lines. From Scandinavian Coffee to German Chocolate, clients have been making regular visits to get their favorite tastes of not only Scandinavia but much of the Western European continent as well.

We began our food lines by choosing items we were familiar with. It didn’t take long before clients started asking about their favorites as well. Doing our best to accommodate all requests possible we added herrings, anchovy’s, cheese, lefse, Marzipan….well we could go on and on.

At this point our challenge is to add those food items that many people want but that we have no first hand knowledge of. If there’s a brand name you’ve been looking for, let us know and maybe post a picture of the package if possible. We’d appreciate the help in continuing this food find adventure.

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