Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Take some action and do things differently this year. Connect with new friends and re-connect with old ones.

For most of us there's no denying that time and the dreaded "To Do List" are way out of balance; more things to do and the same amount of time within which to do them. My friends and I often vent with each other over a concept we call "Living Lighter." Loosely defined it means trying to re-balance our lifestyles to make more time for the things we want to do while still giving us the time to complete the things we need to do.

The things we want to do is as varied as our imaginations allow. The things we need to do is much more uniform; work responsibilities, home responsibilities, commuting, civic & school involvement, etc.

What seems to inevitably get shorted is time just connecting with others, or at least it's that way in my life. Family dinners have gone the way of the 8 track tape as have weekends off and short adventure drives. I could go on here but for the sake of brevity I'll let you add your own version of the things that happen less in your life these days due primarily to the overload of the things that need to be done.

My resolution this year is to try and re-connect, re-establish and create new opportunities for time with others. I don't expect that the things I want and the things I need to do will ever balance perfectly (unless of course I win the lottery) but somewhere in that equation is a little more peace, tolerance, acceptance and sense of spirituality. Finding that point is my resolution for 2008. Whatever your resolutions are, I hope you find your way to fulfilling them.

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