Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring May Have Sprung Today?

Mother Nature has certainly given us a good hard look at what winter in the Midwest can be like. This year has been one of those old fashioned snow, cold and ice spectacles I remember from my childhood. My morning trip to Bells Store was complete with local information that the ice on Lake Geneva is 18 inches thick and some of the smoothest and fissure free in some time. Geneva Bay is full of the normal ice fishing enthusiasts, Fontana is decked out in ice boats (minus a good wind unfortunately) for the annual regatta and Williams Bay has it's usual mix of Snowmobiles, Ice Fishing Shacks and weekend folks walking their best friends across the ice.

What struck me in the Studio today was the mix of people passing by and the hopefulness in their voices that winter was about over. Outside were joggers, dog walkers and the occasional snowmobile heading for gas. It was a bright sunny day and people were finally venturing out of their homes. Lightweight coats seemed to be the order of the day as well.

As I headed home early this afternoon I stopped by for a chat with my neighbor John who was busy outside, chipping away as much ice as possible from his front walk. The conversation was a back and forth about the possibility of Spring at hand. He had stayed the winter without his normal Florida trip due to the recent birth of his grandchild. He had no complaints about staying and even offered he had grilled ribs last night outside while listening to the rumble of snowmobiles maneuvering the trails of Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy. His son in law was reported to be waist deep in lake trout caught in the narrows a few nights ago; one even 10 pounds plus. But in the end we were both in agreement that the snow storm reported to be on it's way was hopefully more about news and less about reality. My optimistic belief is today we saw the first of Spring with many more sunny days to come.

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