Monday, October 13, 2008

Vienna Beef Retail Sales

SkagenHus, in Williams Bay WI, is happy to announce the availability of Vienna Beef Products for Retail Sale to the public. Now you can enjoy all the great products from Vienna Beef at home in a cost effective way for family meals, parties or any special occasion.

Most products such as Bistro Soups and Chili's come in convenient pre-cooked, vacuum packed and frozen 4 Lb pouches. Of course we also have Vienna Beef's famous Italian Beef and Hot Dogs. We believe you can't make many of the products at less of a cost then buying direct from us; we know for sure it doesn't get any easier!

Great options for those afternoon or nighttime football parties would be a package of Northwoods Chili (feeds 6 to 8 hungry appetites easily) for $16.95 and a package of Bistro Broccoli Cheese Soup (also feeds 6 to 8) for $15.95. Add your own toppings and you have a great selection of delicious tasting and easy serving food options.

For a fast and tasty family dinner, after a hard day at the office, try Bistro Tomato Bisque Soup over Tortollini. This is one of our family fav's. Bistro's Tomato Bisque W/Spinach and Orzo makes an unbelievable sauce for pasta and many of our clients liken the taste to a premium Vodka Sauce that otherwise takes hours to make. Leftovers make a great lunch option at the office the next day.

Click here for a link to our Vienna Beef retail offerings (Menu coming soon!) and be sure to stop by SkagenHus on your next visit to the Lake Geneva area for some fun Scandinavian Gift Shopping and a great taste of Chicago. Sorry, SkagenHus Vienna Beef retail sales are for Studio Pick-up only; SkagenHus does not ship Vienna Beef product due to cost factors in shipping food. Vienna Beef does ship their famous products and you can find their online store here

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