Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unique Lake Geneva Take Out Option; Home Kitchen Creations at SkagenHus

Starts Monday November 24th: Home Kitchen Creations by SkagenHus. Family meal options designed to satisfy the need for Fresh, High Quality and Value in family dinner options. Here at SkagenHus we've combined our daily access to fresh made bakery goods and quality Vienna Beef products to bring you family style meals for one to one hundred. We supply the main course along with some select additions and a quality dessert. You order and pay at anytime of the day via phone or email and pick up on your drive home. Generous sized servings are packed family style for you to heat at home at a time you choose. Included are serving suggestions, heating instructions and recipes. You add the dinnerware and any special additions from your fridge to have a quality family meal in just 15 minutes or less. Even Rachael Ray would be impressed by the time and money savings.

Each day of the week has a different theme from Fresh Pasta and Vodka Sauce, to Beef Stew; there's even a BBQ and Creole Night with a slice of fresh Pecan Pie! Stay tuned for information on our opening night and our fixed price menu items. There's even family friendly discounts based on the number of servings ordered. We believe we can surpass your local grocery or normal take out spot for exciting, unique and flavorful options. Home Kitchen Creations from SkagenHus will expand your dinner options and put time back in your families routine to sit down at the dinner table again.

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