Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lake Geneva Buffalo Wings

SkagenHus now offers award winning La Nova Buffalo Wings for easy take home and cook or you can eat in at our Williams Bay Danish Tea Room. The flavor known around the world as "Buffalo Style"! These wings are covered in La Nova's famous hot sauce recipe with just the right blend of spices to make them the true “Original Buffalo Wings Flavor". This meaty, moist wing has sold millions! Why not try a take home bag (2.5 Lbs) and thrill your friends for your next party or late night gathering? Just pop them in the oven. No extra sauce to add, no complicated recipes and no fuss. Liz B from Hawthorne Woods opted to take home 3 bags as part of her recent holiday family celebration and reported that her entire family, including her tough to please brothers, loved em!

Here on the right are the BBQ chicken wings. Originated by La Nova Pizzeria in the early 1970’s. These award winning wings have a unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors. They are a mouthwatering treat that is guaranteed to win over veteran wing aficionado's and new wing eaters alike! The BBQ wings are our kids favorites and we keep em on hand for late night snacks after a long day snow boarding or snowmobiling.

Below is a
picture of our Italian wings which are a shade milder then the Hot Wings with a generous seasoning mix of Italian herbs and spices. Stop in on your next trip through town and try a few to see if you don't agree that SkagenHus has the best wings in the Lake Geneva area.

Our prices are great too. A 6 piece portion (Classic) is a wonderful add on to your next hot dog order and prices start at just $3.95. If you're in
the mood for a Viking size order (12 piece) the price is only $7.45!

SkagenHus also has a plain oven roasted version for those of you with special homemade sauce recipes or who simply prefer a little blue cheese or ranch dressing with their chicken wings. You'll be pleased with the size of our wings and the no fuss preparation. Just place them on an oven roasting pan covered with foil, set the oven temp and in 25 minutes you'll have a mouth watering treat second to none. Below is a picture of our Oven Roasted Wings. All 2.5 Lb bags (any flavor) are just $19.95 and feed 3 to 4 easily.

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