Monday, January 12, 2009

Danes, Kringle and Coffee.

If you know anything about Scandinavia, or Danes in particular, you know much of their social events take place around a table filled with good food, good coffee, a piece or two of fresh Kringle and good friends and family. The picture here shows a traditional light lunch being enjoyed by the SkagenHus Boss and Kirsten ( the boss' Aunt) at their lovely summer Hus in Ebeltoft, Denmark.

Here at SkagenHus in Williams Bay you can enjoy the same type of relaxed social atmosphere and simply & deliciously prepared quality Scandinavian food. Unlike most American style restaurants where they rush you through your meal, at SkagenHus you're invited to relax, converse and nibble at your leisure. You can begin your meal with a cup of fresh hot coffee, tea or our famous Danish Hot Chocolate: we even have a selection of Kristall soft drinks from Sweden. Perhaps a nice cup of hot soup or a piece of warm kringle will start you off. From there you can feast on an artistically made Danish Open Face Sandwich or maybe you'll prefer to try one of our Scandinavian Hot Dogs? The Boss has even been known to make up a special sampler tray upon request so everyone can try a few bites of each type of sandwich.

What many of our patrons like is that the selections are designed and portioned so you can eat a little from this and a little from that in the size and at a speed that's comfortable for you. If you've never feasted on open face sandwiches a few pointers are in order. The Danes prefer to use a knife and fork to eat their sandwiches. They also tend to start with a fish selection and then move on to a meat selection. Cheese and fruit is normally their last course. Here at the Danish Tea Room we encourage our patrons to do things in a style and fashion they feel comfortable with. Our goal is your relaxation and satisfaction.

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