Saturday, February 7, 2009

FiskeFrikadeller Open Face Style At SkagenHus's Danish Tea Room

FiskeFrikadeller (Danish Fish meatballs) is one of our favorite items to pick up from the Fish Market in Denmark where they are made fresh every day. In Denmark they are pan fried and made with a mix of salmon and plaice. They are served warm with coarsely made remoulade and home baked rye bread.

I can happily admit that not all of them tend to make it home
before being inhaled dockside as we enjoy the mid-morning beauty of the boats and the ocean.

Here at SkagenHus in the Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin we serve these tasty little devils on dark pumpernickel bread as open face sandwiches. In our Danish Tea Room the FiskeFrikadeller are made with fresh Norwegian Salmon and Filet of Sole. They are pan fried in butter and EVOO to a medium golden brown, sliced in generous portions and placed on bib lettuce over buttered pumpernickel then topped with remoulade, lemon slices, a few sprigs of fresh dill and Syltede Asier. A portion of red cabbage and a helping of seedless grapes are added to transform the dish into a full and refreshing light meal.

Why not stop by the Danish Tea Room at SkagenHus on your next visit to Lake Geneva and try a delicious and genuinely authentic Scandinavian meal alternative. Many of our regulars top off their meal with hot Swedish Coffee and warm Danish Kringle. You'll wonder why you don't eat like this more often; especially when you consider the Danish Fiskfrekadeller Open Face Sandwich, Swedish Coffee and warm Kringle are priced at just $8.70 per person.

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Chris said...

Just stopped in for a Scandinavian treat and had to try the Fish Frikadeller. The sandwich was built on a piece of dark rye with European butter, bib lettuce, the Fish Frikadeller, remoulade sauce, Asier, a slice of lemon, sprigs of dill and a pinch of diced red onion. Wow! What an exceptional blend of tastes. All that and just the right size serving of warm red cabbage, a handful of red grapes and a slice of orange. I'm in heaven having eaten light and nutritiously while experiencing a new adventure for me as far as Danish Open Face Sandwiches. When the general public finds out about this place seats will be very hard to come by.