Saturday, May 24, 2008

Danish Hot Dogs

Danish & Scandinavian Hot Dogs have come to Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Danish Hot Dogs, Swedish Hot Dogs, Norwegian Hot Dogs, Finnish Hot Dogs and Icelandic Hot Dogs are now the order of the day thanks to a collaborative effort between Vienna Beef in Chicago (Est. 1893) and SkagenHus in Williams Bay, WI.

There are some similarities between the delectable treats and some stark differences. Most of the Scandinavian dogs use Remoulade as well as fried onions. For the the dog itself SkagenHus has chosen to use the 8 inch long All Beef wiener from Vienna Beef to accommodate the mandatory ends of the dog protruding past the bun. The Remoulade and Aukuaka are both home made according to a secret family recipe and give the dogs that traditional Scandinavian taste. The fried onions are another authentic must have and here at SkagenHus we sell that "hard to find" item online.

Kelli Kunes and Lindsay Schryver of Williams Bay and Fontana stopped in during our open house today. Kelli says the dogs are great and the price is right (Just $2.75)! Lindsay says she enjoyed the flavor and array of new and unusual toppings. Thank you ladies, for stopping by! Of course they left with our Hot Dog girl, Kristina, which leaves Dad to clean up for the night! I've survived High School with Teenagers so I guess I'll survive the College years as well? Oh, the joys of a family run business!

Oh, and for you die hard Chicago Hot Dog Fan's SkagenHus does serve the traditional Chicago Dog with all the authentic fixens from Vienna Beef. So far we've converted a few folks to the Danish Delight but many people in the lake Geneva area are happy to finally find the real deal...A Vienna Beef Dog, dressed Chicago style (drag one through the garden please), in a steamed Rosen's Poppy Seed Bun. It's been our experience that many a fine Chicago treat has been somehow botched by well meaning cheese heads with no true Chicago experience. Here at SkagenHus the only Dog makers allowed are those whose first Chicago Dogs were devoured in Chicago or the northern suburbs!


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