Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kringles From Kirsten's Danish Bakery

Once again Williams Bay and SkagenHus have been inundated by requests for summer bakery items from Kirsten's Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge Illinois ( Kirsten made the decision to bring a trained baker from Odense Denmark when she opened her Danish Bakery in 1998. Kirsten's won the coveted title of "Best Tasting Kringle" in the USA in 2005 competing against all the major Danish Bakeries in the USA. You can order direct from Kirsten's online and have your Kringle sent to you fresh or, if in the neighborhood, you can stop by SkagenHus up in the Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin.

Here at SkagenHus we receive our orders fresh each Thursday morning/late Wednesday night and tend to run out by Saturday at noon. The demand has become so great that clients now call in their orders by Wednesday to ensure their treats are here for their weekend visits.

Besides the best tasting Kringles this side of Randers, SkagenHus also carries Seven Sisters from Kirsten's and their newly popular Danish Cinnamon Coffee cake.

One word about Kringle preferences given there are so many American a pinch any Kringle is better then none.....but given a choice, authentic hand made Danish Kringle from Kirsten's is the best.

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